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Ed has played in numerous Top 40 groups and has positioned himself to bring his songwriting and music to national audiences. He will also expand abroad, where he can display his unique brand of smooth jazz music to fans of this genre. The message he wants to leave with you is to flex your creative muscles to inspire others. He enjoys having fun with music and his fans.

Ed Sterling Stone Jazz Guitarist - Releases

Ed Sterling Stone is a jazz guitarist and vocalist who writes and plays guitar in front of a quartet with bass, drums, and a keyboard to give you a cool and smooth jazz show. Some key places you'll find him include: The New Center Park Summer Music Series, Idlewild Music Festival, Belle Isle Jazz Concert Series, Campus Martius Park Jazz Series, and Fox 2 WJKB-TV™ on their morning news and weekend show.


Ed Stone - Treat Her Like A Lady



Ed Stone - Automatic (Live Performance)



About Ed Stone 

Jazz guitarist and vocalist Ed Sterling Stone has released a series of must-have music albums. Stone's musical career began in Seattle, Washington, and later took him to Detroit, Michigan, which is the place he now calls home. Ed's turning point in music started at the age of eight when he watched The Beatles on TV. He also heard some of his father's old jazz records which brought him to this genre.

As a youth in Seattle, Washington Ed played guitar in R&B bands, night clubs, High School Jazz Band and the University of Washington Jazz Band. While at the University, Ed studied music but later decided to enter Medical School at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.  Today, he seamlessly manages a private practice in the Metro Detroit area while pursuing his first love of music for which he has received many rave reviews. He lives by one rule of thumb to make it all possible and this rule is careful planning.

Mission Statement

Ed's Music Philosophy: "We can work to improve our quality of life by obtaining knowledge, positive feelings, good health and new music. And, we can have fun developing our internal gifts by allowing enlightened music to inspire careful observation, excellent exploration and spontaneous creativity."

Received the Top 10 Hot Single Sales for Four Weeks on Billboard®, February, 2015

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