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Smooth Jazz Music That's Soothing To Your Ears 

Ed Sterling Stone offers smooth jazz music fans in the USA and all over the world releases that continue to demonstrate his undeniable talents in songwriting, arranging, and producing. These musical collections exhibit Ed's belief in developing your God-given talents. He wants you to dream big, make plans, and work hard to achieve your goals.


King of Hearts

King of HeartsEd’s Most Recent Release

In the Morning Light
In the Morning Light
Ed’s ground breaking first release

Magic Rhythm

Magic RhythmEd’s 2nd release

How Ed's Songs Are Composed

Ed has echoed time and again that music is his destiny. The guitar allows him to tell a story in creative ways that listeners can relate to. There is a method to every masterpiece he composes. According to the artist, everything he dreams up starts with a fun melody channeled through a catchy beat and seasoned with complimenting chords that make him feel happy. His lyrics will excite you to reflect on your personal journey and dream all sorts of possibilities.


Ed Baker and The Flowmasters

Ed Stone "King of Hearts" Interview from Sapphire Music, LLC on Vimeo.

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