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The reviews are in. Various music commentators share their views about the thrilling roller coaster ride that Ed Sterling Stone, a riveting jazz guitarist and vocalist, takes you through.

Ed Stone

"Poppin', snazzy, full of cool vibes, colorful tone, and class. That's my in-a-nutshell take on King Hearts, the new release from guitarist/vocalist/doctor (that would be M.D., by the way) Ed Stone. This is the third release from Dr. Stone built my first introduction to him. My initial reaction to listening to him was: How did I miss this guy's previous work?? He not only brings bassist Al Turner, drummer Ron Otis, keyboardist Mark McGruder, and background vocalist Penny Wells along on this high-steppin' ride of style but makes it very clear that he knows the location of the pulse of really suave, groove-laden jazz. Cutting loose on danceable grooves from the beginning with "Automatic;" his vibin' cover of the the Temptations' "Treat Her Like a Lady;" the finger-poppin' vocals-rich "The Way She Moves;" and the title track, you can quickly and easily settle into a comfort zone with Stone. His tight chords, runs and vocals exude confidence and skill. Throughout the album, this level of solid goodness never seems to let up. There is a silky ease in his style that is simply difficult not to like. Other tunes of note would certainly have to include the infections, driving Gloria Estefan classic "The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You," the caressingly mellow and easy "A Distant Smile," the rhythmic "Mystic Moments" with its touch of Latin flavor, the pop/R&B-tinged "Moving On" (nice vocals also adorn this one), the snappy "Satin Lover," and the equally moving "No Limit," which closes out the album. Simply put, this is a smooth, breezy, feel-good album of what feel-good jazz should be about: Great vibes and just-right rhythms. This doctor's Rx should certainly cure what ails you."

R. Jackson - TheSmoothJazz Ride.com

"ED STONE Touche. Guitarist, singer, composer, arranger, producer and percussionist Ed Stone is truly a multi-talent, hitting the mark with his sophomore CD release, "Magic Rhythm." While Stone's skills as a jazz guitarist are undeniable, the vocal arrangements and lyrics are the most pleasant surprises in this collection. "Magic Rhythm" opens with a captivating song: The track, titled "Lovin' You" is rhythmic, playful, passionate and engaging, combining Stone's abilities as a superb instrumentalist with his vocal talents. Track number two, "Whenever We're Together," takes the listener on a melodic groove, perfect for cruising and relaxing. Stone's music has energy, including subtle hints of a Caribbean influence. "Our New Love" is one of my personal favorites; from the very first notes, it's warm, romantic and jazzy. It's the kind of song that invites you to cozy-up and unwind. Successfully managing to blend contemporary jazz with urban finesse, the time and money Stone invested in the studio recording this project were well spent. "Magic Rhythm" is sure to be a welcome addition to anyone's music collection. This CD had driving force, without being too edgy or hard-hitting. It also has a calming effect, however, it won't make you sleepy. It's got a perfect vibe at the start, in the middle and in the end! Pick up this winning new collection today. In fact, buy two copies, one for yourself and the other as a gift to a jazz lover you know. Trust me, you'll be thanked for it."

M. Michaels - The Total Entertainment Magazine

Hover Trick

Ed Stone

"This is the CD debut for guitarist Ed Stone who at 12 was already playing professionally in Seattle, Washington. Stone composed, arranged and produced all twelve tracks (two vocals) and shows immediately that he has what it takes to be a musician that should be taken seriously. The CD starts off with "Brooklyn Nights," an up tempo track featuring a horn section and Stone picking the lead. It's a perfect example of his guitar playing style which is fast and fluid. I started grooving on the CD right off the bat. "NoonDay" gives us a good melody with a string type background a la some of the old CTI records. "Skyline" is another up piece with a moving beat. Good driving music that'll make your hands tap and head bob. Stone's style is mixing finger picking with chords fairly evenly with a touch of soul. I'll bet that Benson was a heavy influence. He can sing, too as he demonstrates on "Beautiful Woman" and "Just To Love You." On the former his guitar solo is what impressed me more, but on both tracks he sings in tune and does have a higher pitched, smooth voice. Imagine though what they would have sounded like with a specialized vocalist. I didn't care for all the tracks, but eight out of twelve is pretty good, especially for a new artist. Stone can write some good tunes. Points for not recording a cover tune. The man can play some mean guitar. You can purchase this CD through Stone's web site www.edsterlingstone.com as well as download a mp3 of "Skyline."

J. Charney - In The Morning Light

"Smooth jazz is often defined as a certain "sound"... A sophisticated, sultry, inviting sound with warm saxophone and sweet, smooth guitar. That smooth jazz sound has a noted signature and we found a guitarist that is the perfect model of smooth jazz... Guitarist, Ed Stone. His debut CD, "In The Morning Light" is the perfect soundtrack to your weekend mornings or sunset drives around the beach or your romantic evening rendezvous. Ed's guitar tone shares familial traits with Lee Ritenour, George Benson and the like. The CD offers predominately soulful, melodic instrumental compositions, however there are two stirring vocal tunes featuring Ed's equally smooth voice. The project features high caliber musicians, including David J. Van De Pitte, known for his violin arrangements for Marvin Gaye and Motown. Welcome Ed Stone to the world of smooth jazz. Smoothjazz.com Radio is currently playing "Skyline" and also really enjoys "Brooklyn Nights" and "Beautiful Woman."

Smoothjazz.com CD Review - In The Morning Light

Ed Stone

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